So, how can you win free jewelry and bath and body products at the open house this weekend?

You Just Show Up!!

Seriously, it really is that easy!  All guests that stop by WildFire Accessories’s and Foam on the Range’s Open House event this weekend will be entered into both drawings for TWO SEPARATE GIFT SETS!

The Open House is located at 746 S. Rutan St., Wichita, KS 67218 and is open from 10am-6pm - Click here to RSVP to our Facebook event page!

WildFire is offering up our brand new Ugly Sweater Penny Earrings, Necklace, and Ring (the exact set pictured below) for the drawing!
AND, Foam on the Range will be giving away a beautiful gift basket containing: a bar of SunSoap, Hand & Body Cream, Liquid Hand Soap, a bath bomb, and a lip balm!

Mark off a few names on your list and have some fun doing it!  Light refreshments will be served all day.  :)

See you soon!!

WildFire makes its way into two more stores!

It is an exciting time around here!  I just returned from my trip to Kansas City for The Holiday Swing Indie Craft Fair (I can’t wait to show you what I bought!!) and I’m already finding myself finalizing plans for the holidays…  Where did the time go?!?

But, something super exciting has happened!!  You can now find WildFire penny jewelry in two more locations!!

One in Great Bend, KS called…

Refined Medley


AND, a store located in Blue Springs, Mo (just East of Kansas City) called…



If you live near either of these stores, please check them out!  The women that manage them are some of the sweetest people I have ever met.  :)

Curious where else you can find WildFire Accessories?  Click here to view my stockists page!



Last event of the year is happening THIS WEEKEND!

What a wonderful year it has been.  I’ve met some truly amazing customers and crafters along the way and I’ll be pairing up with one of them this weekend for our LAST EVENT OF THE YEAR!  Amy, of Foam on the Range, and WildFire Accessories will be setting up shop in my own home, this Saturday, from 10am – 6pm.  Light refreshments will be served all day and there will be a raffle for free gifts from both vendors!!  What?!?  Yes.  FREE STUFF FOR YOU.

This is your last chance to shop our booths in person for quite a long time!


So, mark your calenders for a day of fun, relaxing shopping, snacks, and wine and we’ll see you this Saturday!  Click here for directions and more information.

The Need-To-Know of December

It’s the last month of the year!  The Christmas rush is in full swing and we’ve still got a few exciting things in the works.

(Speaking of exciting, have you seen our Ugly Sweater Christmas pennies?)

Here’s what you need to know…  

- The Holiday Swing – In Kansas City!
A one-stop-shop to purchase local & handmade holiday gifts, imbibe on holiday drinks & cheer, hear some live & local music and have a great time!  This is a TWO DAY event.  Come see us Friday 10am-8pm AND Saturday from 10am – 6pm.

- December 10th – Deadline for Custom Orders
Penny jewelry makes a great gift!  And, custom jewelry makes an even better one!  I can put just about anything on my pennies, so, if you have something in mind, get your orders in before the 10th to ensure Christmas delivery!

- December 13th – WildFire Accessories & Foam on the Range Holiday Open House
This is the LAST SHOW of the year and your last opportunity to shop the WildFire Accessories and Foam on the Range booths in person.  Cross off those last few people on your list with some unique penny jewelry and luxurious bath and body gifts.  Open from 10am-6pm.

Can’t make it to these events?  Shop online TODAY!

WildFire Christmas 2014 is here!

Welcome to WildFire Christmas 2014!  I’m so excited for our limited edition designs this year.  I’ve had this idea in my head for months now and it took everything in me not to share it with you before today!

I would like to introduce to you the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” design!

WildFire Christmas Penny Necklaces

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Penny Necklaces! Wear them to your next Christmas party or give them out as stocking stuffers!

Inspired by the iconic ugly sweater parties and contests taking place around the holidays, I wanted to make something you could wear in place of (or along with!) those brightly colored, leaping reindeer, tinsel covered, blinking light, eyesores that are so bad, they’re good.

AND – we’re doing something special for Black Friday weekend as well!  We will be offering FREE SHIPPING *AND* FREE GIFT WRAPPING starting at midnight tonight (CST).  Just use the code “WFXMAS” to receive your savings, but hurry, the sale only goes through Monday at 11:59PM CST.

Click on any of the images below to see more pictures and information…

Red and White Christmas Sweater Inspired Penny Ring

Red and White Christmas Sweater Inspired Penny Ring

Multi Colored Ugly Sweater Adjustable Penny Ring

Multi Colored Ugly Sweater Adjustable Penny Ring

Red and White Christmas Penny Earrings with Red and Copper Beading

Red and White Christmas Penny Earrings with Red and Copper Beading

Multi Colored Ugly Sweater Beaded Penny Earrings

Multi Colored Ugly Sweater Beaded Penny Earrings

Adjustable Penny Bracelet in Ugly Christmas Sweater Print

Adjustable Penny Bracelet in Ugly Christmas Sweater Print

Ugly Christmas Sweater Penny Pendant Necklace, Multi Colored Penny Pendant Necklace in Christmas Sweater Inspired Print

Ugly Christmas Sweater Penny Pendant Necklace, Multi Colored Penny Pendant Necklace in Christmas Sweater Inspired Print

Christmas Penny Pendant Necklace in Red and White

Christmas Penny Pendant Necklace in Red and White

Click here to see what else is available in the Etsy shop!  And, don’t forget to use the code, “WFXMAS” to receive free shipping and free gift wrapping over the weekend!

Overdressed – Book review and my new perspective on what’s in my closet.

I read a book recently that changed the way I think about how I dress.

I don’t spend a lot of money on clothing.  In fact, since I’ve started WildFire Accessories two years ago, I think I’ve spent less than two hundred dollars on clothing.  That’s about $8.33 a month on shirts, pants, coats, shoes, and anything else.

I would love to tell you that this is because I’ve taken some kind of stance against our culture’s obsession with consuming more than it needs, but I haven’t.  To be honest, I’m just usually broke, and food and fuel often trump the need for a new pair of shoes.

But, then I read Overdressed by Elizabeth Cline.

Overdressed Book

It was a great book; something anyone should read if they’re interested in sewing clothing or sustainable fashion practices.  It isn’t just about sweat shops and how you shouldn’t buy anything made in China like you might expect.  It goes into depth about how, even with the raising prices and inflation, fashion has actually become cheaper – both in cost and quality.

Throughout the book, Cline explains the contrast between buying clothes 100 years ago to now.  How a well made dress in the early 1900′s may cost $200-$400 by today’s standards, but now, it’s common to refuse to pay more than $20.

How did we get to the point where we have to decide between buying a latte, lunch, or a new item of clothing??

As you may have guessed, Overdressed was somewhat of a game changer for me.  Between my lack of funds and the desire to move our economy and quality of work standards forward, I have made some changes to how I think when buying clothes.

I would love to buy made-in-America items all the time, but, in reality, I don’t have the budget for it.  So, as Cline suggests, I’m resolving to make most of my own clothing.  From now until whenever, I’ll be striving to make more and more of my fashion accessories and clothing pieces here at home.  When I need to look elsewhere for necessities, I’ll be looking for handmade and U.S. made products.

I’ve kicked off this new way of thinking by sewing several items for myself and others.  The McCartney jacket, which you saw in a recent post, a custom hoodie for my nephew’s birthday, and a pair of shoes!


My “everyday loafers” – pattern by Shoeology

Ok, so they’re not really shoes since there not equipped to be worn outdoors, but with the right materials they could be.

I found this pattern in an Etsy shop called, Shoeology.  She offers a handful of patterns from ballet flats to boots.  I chose the “Everday Loafers” as my first project.  The pattern was super easy to follow and I could make these with the materials I had on hand!  But, I’ll talk more on that later….

I haven’t really decided what my next project will be but I’m trying to pace myself.  Each bit of clothing is a challenge because I’m still so intimidated by the idea of sewing with a pattern.  Isn’t that ridiculous?!?

I think I’m going to try out is the Neptune Tee by Pattern Anthology.  We’ll see how it goes!

I would love for you to join me in this quest to be more conscious about our fashion choices!  Stay tuned for more posts about my new goal and feel free to share your projects as well!

A free gift to you!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been playing around a lot with different projects.  I’ve been doing some sewing, and some writing, and even some painting!

And today, I would like to share something with you…

You remember the dragonfly penny jewelry I made a few weeks ago? Well, I was really excited about it.  In fact, I kept the original artwork and decided to add a little color!  So, as my gift to you, I would like to offer this free printable of my dragonfly for you to enjoy in your own home!

Just click on the images below where you’ll be directed to the full size version, right-click on the larger image and select “save as!”  (For best printing results, you will need to download the full sized image)  I’ve even included a computer desktop version as well!

8  1/2″ x 11″ Dragonfly Print



1366 x 768 Computer Desktop Dragonfly


I hope you enjoy it and I would love to see pictures of this hanging up in your home, office, on your computer, or wherever!

Please note:  These prints are offered for personal use only and may not be used in any kind of commercial production.