NEW digital workshops and classes available!

Let your creativity roam with the freedom it deserves.  At WildFire Studio we believe that everyone is an artist in their own way and we encourage your inner creative to come out whenever possible.  We’re in our early stages but keep an eye out for future digital classes and workshops covering mixed media art, creative expression, and allowing your craft to support you financially.  For now, head over to our blog to learn more about what we’re all about!

Tayla, the owner and artist behind WildFire Studio, also makes mixed media penny jewelry!  Click here to do some shopping.

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Hello, October! Here we come!
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I’ve been mentally and physically preparing for the holidays since June, but man, did they sneek up on me still!  All of the sudden, one of our biggest shows is coming up in less than two weeks, and we have many … Read More

Art Journal Friday: Scribble, Scribble
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This week has been crazy!  You may have noticed that there was no Monday Inspiration post…  That’s because I was launching the test version of my upcoming, online course, 30 Day Creative Exploration with WildFire, AND participating in an amazing … Read More

I document feelings, not memories. (Art Journal Friday Video and a little more about why I do this)
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I have this desire to document my life. I love to write.  It helps me gain perspective, organize my thoughts, and relax when things get stressful. I also love to draw and paint, so keeping an art journal is just natural … Read More

Penny projects for your slightly imperfect WildFire pennies
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A couple weeks ago, WildFire began offering “penny beads” in our Etsy shop for the first time!  These beads are available at an extremely low price (only .50 cents a piece!) because they’re slightly imperfect, making them sub-par for WildFire … Read More

The NEW WildFire Studio is coming along nicely!
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If you follow WildFire on Instagram (you totally should, you know!) you’ve probably seen my many, many posts about our new studio remodel!  We completed our second move of the year to Lindsborg, KS this last June and have been … Read More

Monday Inspiration: Anna Koon of a2n2
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Hello, Monday. As I’m writing this, I’m staring out my office window, watching the birds and the squirrels flutter and flitter about.  I. have. so. much. to. do…  But instead, I’m relaxing in the silence and trying to find a … Read More

Art Journal Friday: I painted an abstract… tomato plant…
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I really like how this week’s art journal page turned out, but I can’t stop thinking about tomato plants when I look at it!  Anyway, I’ve been really enjoying painting these blotchy, drippy flower compositions lately… Watch the time-lapse video … Read More

Why there won’t be a class released this month… *CALL FOR NEW CLASS BETA TESTERS*
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  Earlier this year, WildFire ran an Indiegogo campaign to help us take our business to the next level.  Our goal was high enough to convert our garage into a studio…  But we didn’t make it to that goal.  We did, … Read More

Handmade in Lawrence, KS
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During my “vacation” the other week I was able to get out of the house for a while and visit Lawrence, KS for the first time! We didn’t get to tour the whole city but did spend some time downtown on Massachusetts … Read More