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Let your creativity roam with the freedom it deserves.  At WildFire Studio we believe that everyone is an artist in their own way and we encourage your inner creative to come out whenever possible.  We’re in our early stages but keep an eye out for future digital classes (Our first one is being released mid-June, 2015!) and workshops covering mixed media art, creative expression, and allowing your craft to support you financially.  For now, head over to our blog to learn more about what we’re all about!

Tayla, the owner and artist behind WildFire Studio, also makes mixed media penny jewelry!  Click here to do some shopping.

Latest from the Blog

Movin’ on up.
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As you may have read in a recent post about our Indiegogo campaign, WildFire is moving again!  We’ll be relocating about 20 minutes North of Mcpherson, KS to Lindsborg, an adorably quirky town with a thriving art community.  Although the move was … Read More

Learn how to make PENNY JEWELRY! And other digital courses coming to…
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I am so excited to announce WildFire’s first digital class – “It Just Makes Cents!” (Thank you, dear craft show customers, for the name idea!) where you’ll learn all my secrets for making penny jewelry!  Our Indiegogo contributers from last … Read More

My love of collecting…
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Ever since I was little, I’ve been collecting. I would go outside and pick up whatever appealed to me. I remember bringing home roofing tiles, rocks, sticks, flowers, paper… anything that I found interesting, I kept it all in my … Read More

“Painting the Feminine” with Dirty Footprints Studio
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As you read about earlier, I’ve been taking an online course from Dirty Footprints Studio.  It turns out to have been the best $98 I have ever spent. At first glance, “Painting the Feminine” seemed like a mystery to me.  It … Read More

*Important Information* About Our Indiegogo Campaign
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As we move into the last few days of our Indiegogo campaign, I want to take a moment to thank all of our supporters out there!  These past few months have shown me that there are so many men and … Read More

My Last Week…
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It has been an eventful week!  So many wonderful things have taken place in the last few days, I would like to write about every one of them individually… But, that is just not going to happen tonight.  So, I’m just … Read More

Where to find the “good” craft shows.
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I will not lie.  When I started WildFire Accessories in the beginning of 2013, I did not want to attend many craft shows.  I had participated in just a handful of events before then, and they never turned out that … Read More