New penny jewelry for the new year!

I’m excited to be back at the work bench again, making up some new designs for you!  Although, things have been stressful with the new house, I’ve carved out a little bit of time to bring you two new penny jewelry sets – now available on Etsy!  Click on the images below to see the entire selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 

{Pssst…. You can also see these in person at Craftapalooza on the 31st!}

First, we have the bright teal and navy blue ikat print!


And, a new, neutral favorite – the taupe and white polka dot set!


Don’t forget we have a HUGE clearance sale happening right now!  Click here to see what’s still available.


Progress on the new house!

10 days later, we’re deep into the remodel of our new house in Mcpherson.  Everyday we get a little closer, but MAN!  There is still so much to do!  Here is our crazy list of projects that we need to accomplish in the next two weeks:

  • Upstairs bathroom gutted and remodeled with new everything.
  • Upstairs carpet replaced.
  • Tear down one closet wall to add space to master bedroom.
  • Paint upstairs doors.
  • Refinish wood floors in main level living and dining rooms.
  • Remodel kitchen (smooth textured walls, paint cabinets, new counters, move around appliances, open wall between kitchen and dining room).
  • Add back door and replace side door.
  • Build fence in back yard.
  • Reinforce stairs to basement.
  • Paint basement walls (and floors?).
  • Paint ALL walls and trim in the house.

I think I had a mild panic attack writing that list…  Thankfully, we have some help and it is possible that most of it will be finished by the time we move in!

We’ve made some pretty good progress so far at least.

This was what the kitchen looked like ten days ago…


And, this is what it looks like now!


Here is the bathroom before we got started…


And, here it is now!


2015-01-20 20.03

Are we crazy?  Yes.  But, it’s fun to be a little crazy.  Believe it or not, the boy and I love these kinds of projects!  Check back in a few days for more updates!  The bathroom and kitchen may even be finished by then… *knocks on wood*


WildFire Accessories is moving! (But, not far!)

Yes, you heard it right, my friends.  WildFire headquarters will be packing up and moving in just a few short weeks.  But, we’re not moving far!  Just up the road a bit to Mcpherson, KS.

We will miss the idea of jumping in the car and seeing our lovely friends in Wichita a few minutes later, but it won’t be all that bad since we still plan on coming down often!  And, just so you know…

We’re still going to participate in LOTS of crafts shows and events in the Wichita area!

It’s all very exciting!  We’re remodeling an older, two story home that will provide ample space for us and our fur-babies.  I am also DOUBLING my studio space (EEK!) and may even have room to host classes and events in the future!

Over the next few weeks you’ll probably start to see lots of pictures and updates about our progress in the new house (especially if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram).  But, I wanted to share this first picture with you…


It’s PINK!  You guys, seriously.  It’s a pink house!  I don’t even like pink all that much, but I love this.  The debate over keeping it this color has been brought up several times recently…  I want to keep it, just for the fact that how many people get to live in a pink house!  What do you think?

Valentine’s Day Has Arrived

I’m excited to present to you the 2015 WildFire Accessories Valentine’s Day penny jewelry design!  These are extra dear to me because they feature my own artwork!

The hearts were inspired by the intricate and fascinating art of henna and if you look closely, you’ll see the prominent floral and paisley patterns that are common in the practice.

Click on any image below to view more pictures and information on Etsy!

Valentine's Day Penny Earrings

Valentine's Day Post Penny Earrings

Valentine's Day Penny Pendant Necklace

Valentine's Day Penny Ring

As with most of our holiday designs, these are only available for a limited time!

*EXTRA BONUS* - With each online purchase, you’ll receive a free set of Valentine’s Day note cards featuring a print of my original artwork!


Clearance Sale Sneaky Peek!

Out with the old, in with the new!  WildFire Accessories has so many ideas for new designs and products coming up in 2015, we are literally running out of room!  We need to clear out some older (but still fabulous!) penny jewelry designs to make space for the brand-spankin’ new ones!

What’s the best way to do this?


Yes!  For the first time ever, WildFire will be posting A TON of penny jewelry pieces at a discounted price this Thursday in the Etsy shop!

Don’t worry, I won’t let you miss it.  In fact, I wanted to give you a little sneaky peek.  Here are a few items that will be one sale in just three short days!





And, there is a lot more where that came from!  Be one of the first to know by signing up for WildFire’s email list!

Hello, January.

2015!  Can you believe it?!  I have a feeling that this year is going to be absolutely amazing.  Don’t you?

We’re off to a good start at least!  Here is what you can look forward to this month:

WildFire’s Valentine Pennies Being Released - An exclusive Valentine’s Day design is on the way!  We’re hoping to have it available to the public in the next few days!

We’re cleaning house and clearing space for all the newness coming your way in 2015, so many designs are being discounted!  I’ll send out an email as we get closer so keep your eye on that inbox!  (BTW – this is a GREAT time to buy those Valentine’s Day gifts!)

January 31st – Craftapalooza!
Our first show of the year!  Come out to Century II in Wichita, KS for a fun day of shopping from 10am – 4pm.  Click here for more details!

I hope your year has started off with a bang (the good kind)!  See you soon!