A free gift to you!

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been playing around a lot with different projects.  I’ve been doing some sewing, and some writing, and even some painting!

And today, I would like to share something with you…

You remember the dragonfly penny jewelry I made a few weeks ago? Well, I was really excited about it.  In fact, I kept the original artwork and decided to add a little color!  So, as my gift to you, I would like to offer this free printable of my dragonfly for you to enjoy in your own home!

Just click on the images below where you’ll be directed to the full size version, right-click on the larger image and select “save as!”  (For best printing results, you will need to download the full sized image)  I’ve even included a computer desktop version as well!

8  1/2″ x 11″ Dragonfly Print



1366 x 768 Computer Desktop Dragonfly


I hope you enjoy it and I would love to see pictures of this hanging up in your home, office, on your computer, or wherever!

Please note:  These prints are offered for personal use only and may not be used in any kind of commercial production.  

The “McCartney Jacket” Pattern Review

Remember this jacket?


I made it during a sewing binge weekend and I couldn’t be happier!  It was the first thing I’ve ever made using someone else’s pattern, and let me tell you, it isn’t as scary as you might think!

The jacket was made with the McCartney Jacket pattern from the 8 Days a Week collection, offered by Pattern Anthology.  Phew!  That was a mouth full.  Along with this jacket, they offer lots of stylish, you-would-never-guess-they’re-homemade patterns that I’m quickly becoming obsessed with!

If you’ve never used a pattern that you print out at home, I am here to tell you about my experience!

Here are some things I learned about sewing clothing using my first online pattern:

Printing out and piecing together the pattern at home

I’ll admit, this was probably one of the most difficult and intimidating steps, and, being the first thing you need to do, I imagine it’s what kept me from trying out online patterns for so long.

Basically, you’ll just print out the PDF file included with your download and tape it all together.  Because most printers cannot print all the way to the edge, you’ll usually have to trim down the edges.  With the McCartney Jacket, I had to cut down all four sides of each page by about half an inch.  A paper trimmer was incredibly useful for this step!!

After trimming, I used small bits of tape to put everything together, then secured it all with clear packing tape.  I would suggest not to fret too much over lining everything up perfectly.  Shifts in the paper while printing can move things a fraction of an inch, making it difficult to get just right.  Just try to get it as close as possible and move on!


With online patterns, it’s likely someone else has already sewn it!

This saved me a couple of times while I put this jacket together.  Pattern Anthology is pretty well known, and I believe they send out the pattern to many sewers before it’s released.  So, by the time you’re able to purchase it, many other people have figured it all out for you!

Although the instructions came with great pictures, I still got stuck on the pockets and wrist bands.  I almost gave up but decided to look at a blog post from another sewer featuring the pattern.  They didn’t get into details, but I was able to see the pockets and wrist bands from another point of view which made me realize what I was doing wrong.

The next time I get stuck with a pattern like this, I’ll just Google it before getting so frustrated!


Sewing terms and instructions seemed to be easier to understand.

I don’t know about you but I get really scared looking at patterns, especially the traditional ones on that super thin, brown paper.  Those charts with all the numbers and confusing illustrations… Eek!

Well, I’m hear to tell you that this pattern was not like that at all!  The instructions were super easy, and on top of that, each step came with a full color, sharp image demonstrating what you’re supposed to do.

So, if your fear of patterns stems from your concern about getting stuck in the middle of your project – you may want to give an online pattern a try!


Now that I’ve made it all the way through my first sewing pattern, I’m so excited to try more!  I actually purchased the entire 8 Days a Week collection.  It consists of the McCartney Jacket, a pair of leggings, a casual dress, and a cute t-shirt, all with several variations.  And, the best part is that I can print them out as much as I want!  I’m even thinking of using these patterns as a base and making up my own fashions… So many possibilities people!

This may all seem like old news to you if you’ve been working with patterns for years.  Sometimes, I feel like the last sewer on earth who isn’t well-versed in patterns.  If you have ever tried online patterns, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

I’m sure I’ll be posting about my next project soon!


Vintage Market Days – THIS WEEKEND!

WildFire Accessories is going to our last big show (in the Wichita area) FOR THE YEAR!  Can you believe it?!?

We have a couple events left for 2014, one in Kansas City, and a small open house in December, but this is really the last chance to see WildFire AND tons of other awesome vendors, all in one place.  And, the event will take place on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday!

Purchase your tickets by clicking here – or pay at the door when you get there!


See you soon!



In the beginning…

I know I keep saying this over and over again, but I cannot believe that WildFire is two years old.

Ever since I can remember, all I’ve wanted to do is make things to sell.  I remember walking around my house selling drawings to the rest of my family.  As soon as I could start choosing my subjects in school, I filled my schedule with anything creative.  I thought about careers, but never really desired the same high-power, high-pay jobs that everyone else seemed to want.  My only goal was to make, and any career that sparked my interest had to support just that.  Lots of making.


Over the past ten years or so, I’ve started three handmade-based businesses.  The first two didn’t last long.  I made soap for a few months before I had to move half way across the country, then went back to sewing with “Tayla B Design.”  That lasted for about a year before life happened again and it got left behind as well.

I then went to school for web design while working in a pretty high stress retail job.  After I graduated, I switched careers to a marketing position and found… Well, I’ll just say that the corporate world, with all its small talk and office politics, wasn’t really my style.

So, I made the leap.  I opened WildFire Accessories for business on November 9th, 2013 and within a couple months, I was doing it full time.  The drive in me to make things to sell was so strong, I couldn’t wait any longer!

This was WildFire Accessories’s first craft show set up…

FirstBoothNotice that this is a four foot table, the penny jewelry actually has a back seat to the sewing I was doing at the time, and it looks so bare!

I made $45 at that show and I couldn’t have been happier.  I was doing what I loved to do.  Something so in alignment with who I am that I couldn’t possibly second guess going down this road.

Today, I still feel the same way but more so.  And, WildFire Accessories has grown in direct proportion to my passion.  This is what WildFire looks like at craft shows nowadays…

NewBoothDon’t get me wrong.  Starting, growing, and maintaining WildFire has been and continues to be the biggest challenge I have ever faced.  There are REALLY hard times that I still go through on an almost daily basis.  But, the good times are so, so good and so worth the struggle.

I guess what I’m really trying to say and demonstrate through all this rambling is…

Do what you love, and the rest will follow.

You can do it.  I’m not saying you’ll never work a day in your life where there is something on your list that doesn’t inpsire you.  But, I’m saying you can figure out a way to bring your passion into your career.  And, the more you allow yourself to do what aligns best with you best, the more the rest of your life just.. falls into place.

Thank you to all my supporters out there.  My family, my friends, the people who believed in my idea, and the people who didn’t but pretended to.  I have soaked up your support like a sponge and could never have done this without you!

Happy second birthday, WildFire!

The Party Continues!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but WildFire Accessories is turning TWO YEARS OLD on Sunday!!

To celebrate, we’re throwing a week-long, online birthday party and giving away some pretty great stuff for those who share pictures of themselves wearing their favorite penny jewelry!

Want to know how you can win a FREE $30 gift card and WildFire t-shirt?  Here’s what you do:

  1. Take a picture of yourself wearing your FAVORITE penny jewelry.
  2. Post the picture on the WildFire Accessories Facebook page with the tag #WFBDAY.

And, that’s it!  A random participant will be drawn Monday, November 10th.

Here are a few happy customers that have already entered…





For all the dragonfly lovers out there…

What better week than WildFire Accessories’s birthday week to introduce a special new design!

There have been a few recurring requests over the last two years.  Some have asked for skulls, some for butterflies… But, one that keeps coming up is, “Do you have anything with dragonflies on it?”  At craft shows and online I hear incredible stories where people have overcome adversity, of all kinds, and see dragonflies as a symbol of their strength.  (Look up dragonfly symbolism and you’ll see all kinds of admirable characteristics linked to these guys.)

I’ve wanted to do something unique for such a special memento.  And, I’m excited to say that, even though It has taken me a long time, I now have some dragonflies among the penny jewelry collection!

The beginnings of the dragonfly artwork now found on WildFire penny jewelry.

The beginnings of the dragonfly artwork now found on WildFire penny jewelry.

The light blue and black dragonflies are actually created from my own artwork and are available in single pendants, rings, and post and dangle earrings!

Click on any of the images below to view that item on Etsy.

Light Blue and Black Dragonfly Penny Pendant Dangle Earrings, Dragonfly Earrings, Art Jewelry, Blue and Copper Beaded Earrings

Light Blue and Black Dragonfly Penny Pendant Dangle Earrings

Penny Post Earrings with Dragonfly Original Artwork by WildFire Accessories, Blue and Black Dragonfly Post Earrings, Copper Jewelry

Penny Post Earrings with Dragonfly Original Artwork

Dragonfly Pendant Necklace Made with a Penny, Copper Penny Jewelry, Dragonfly pendant in Light Blue and Black, Penny Pendant Necklace

Dragonfly Pendant Necklace Made with a Penny

Dragonfly Penny Ring with Adjustable Antique Copper Band

Dragonfly Penny Ring with Adjustable Antique Copper Band

Don’t forget!  You can still receive $5 off your purchase of $25 or more in the Etsy shop until November 9th for WildFire’s online birthday party!  Just use the code “WFBDAY2014″ at checkout to receive your savings.  Click here to do some shopping!