WildFire Accessories Halloween Jewelry – 2014

If you missed the Fall 2014 LookBook release a few days ago, or you’re excited for a little more about our Halloween jewelry – you’re in the right place!

Here are the Halloween penny jewelry designs for 2014!

Click on any image for view the listing on Etsy!


Halloween Penny Bracelet with Sugar Skulls and Roses

Halloween Flowers Penny Pendant Earrings with Copper Beading

Halloween Flowers Penny Pendant Earrings with Copper Beading

Halloween Flowers Penny Ring

Halloween Flowers Penny Ring

Halloween Flowers Penny Pendant Necklace

Halloween Flowers Penny Pendant Necklace

Halloween Flowers Post Penny Earrings

Halloween Flowers Post Penny Earrings

Sugar Skull Penny Earrings with Copper Beading

Sugar Skull Penny Earrings with Copper Beading

Sugar Skull Penny Pendant Necklace

Sugar Skull Penny Pendant Necklace

Sugar Skull Adjustable Penny Ring

Sugar Skull Adjustable Penny Ring

Sugar Skull Post Penny Earrings

Sugar Skull Post Penny Earrings


Halloween Three Penny Pendant Necklace with Sugar Skull and Fall Flowers

A little side project…

A few weeks ago, I ditched my to-do list for a little project I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time.


You see, I spend most of my time in my home.  Now, I’m not complaining!  I love what I do.  But, sometimes I get a little cabin fever (especially when I’ve gone two or three days without stepping foot outside).  So, I’ve been focusing on becoming a little more mobile lately.

And, since I’ve never really worked on anything outside of my studio, I needed something to carry my stuff!  I wanted to go to parks and coffee shops and work on small projects.  I saw it as giving myself a treat, so, naturally, I wanted a bag that made the outing feel even more special.  And, after seeing From Victory Road’s post about her painted messenger bags (GORGEOUS STUFF, PEOPLE!), I knew what I wanted to do!

I searched and searched for the perfect bag (20+ pockets being on the list of requirements) and finally came across this one!  Lots of pockets, big enough to carry several books and a sketchpad, AND it was a blank canvas… LITERALLY!

I bought two and got to work painting one side of the first one…

I pulled out my acrylic paints and started out with a teal base and purple stamped motifs.  Did you know you can water down your acrylic paint a bit and they work great for stamping (they’re not super at detailed stamps, however)?


The darker blue you see at the bottom is actually metallic paint and left a beautiful pearly, iridescent effect. I LOVE IT.

More painting.  More stamping.  More finger painting.


Then, I got a little carried away with the black acrylic ink.  Who knew it would soak in that much?? Ha… Ha…


However, I feel like I made up for it with some white swirly doodles and black, puff fabric paint for the details at the top.


And, because I am me, and I’m addicted to inspirational quotes, I added in one that was on my mind lately… “The answers are in the work.”  I cannot remember where I heard this!  It was referenced out of a book, but I couldn’t tell you the title.  Honestly, I don’t even know if I’m quoting it correctly…  But, it resonated with me, so I used it.


I have trouble getting myself motivated sometimes.  I know, SURPRISE.  But, the fact that I work from home, means that no one, but myself, has the ability to get me up and going.  Over the last two years of full time business owning, I’ve learned that if I have trouble starting/continuing/finishing a project it’s usually because I’m intimidated/scared/confused.  I have to constantly remind myself that once the work begins, the answers to my questions will come.

I realize that I put off my work to-do list to work on a project that reminds me to keep working… But, it did the trick.  Shortly after I finished this, I found myself happily checking off my tasks and finishing the day pretty satisfied.  Sometimes you have to stop working to get things done!

2nd Saturday Artisan Market at The Workroom – TOMORROW!

WildFire Accessories signed up last minute for the 2nd Saturday Artisan Market at The Workroom, taking place tomorrow, September 13th, from 10am – 2pm.  Lots of talented, local vendors will be participating as well as one of our favorite food trucks, Let’m Eat Brats!

Here is a full list of who will be there:2014-07-02 07.58

Click here to visit the Facebook event page to stay updated and to get a sneak peek of what will be there tomorrow!

What you should know about in September…

Things have been a little quiet around here but that is only because we’ve been so hard at work preparing for fall!  September has all kinds of goodness happening, including the kick-off to this season’s craft shows and our Fall Lookbook!

Here is what you can look forward to over the next few weeks:BlackWhiteOrnate1

- WildFire Accessories t-shirts are now available!  Click here for more information.

- September 15th – The WildFire Fall Lookbook will arrive! - This year’s fall and Halloween designs will be showcased.  And, there’s a rumor going around that email subscribers will get a little sneak peak.  ;)

- September 20th – Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair - Ask any craft GreyFiligree3show vendor about Hillsboro, and I’m sure they will know exactly what you’re talking about!  This has been known for years as the biggest show in the area and WildFire Accessories was accepted (along with about 300 (YES, THREE HUNDRED) other vendors) for this September!

- September 27th – The Red Barn Outdoor MarketWildFire has had the privilege of participating in this show twice already and we can’t wait to come back!  Almost 100 handmade and vintage vendors, GREAT FOOD, and incredible musicians!



Coming up in October – Kansas Barn Sale, Ecofest, Craftacular, and more to come later!   Click here to visit our event page for more info.

WildFire Accessories T-Shirts Are Here!!

I love, love, love my new shirts!

Available in women’s Small – XXL, only $16.00 each!

Click here to purchase your tshirt online (and have it shipped to you) – OR – send me an email at Tayla@wildfireacc.com if you would like to pick up your shirt in person!



{If you’re interested in where I had my shirts made, check out Lower Level Printing!  They do some fantastic work, have great prices, AND are super fast!}