Let your creativity roam with the freedom it deserves.  At WildFire Studio we believe that everyone is an artist in their own way and we encourage your inner creative to come out whenever possible.  We’re in our early stages but keep an eye out for future digital classes and workshops covering mixed media art, creative expression, and allowing your craft to support you financially.  For now, head over to our blog to learn more about what we’re all about!

Tayla, the owner and artist behind WildFire Studio, also makes mixed media penny jewelry!  Click here to do some shopping.

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“Big Magic” book review and an idea…
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Every once in a while, I come across a book that changes everything.  These books make such a profound difference in my life, I sometimes feel that I am just a sum of these experiences.  They knock my perspectives loose … Read More

The 2015 STOCK UP sale begins!
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Penny jewelry makes a great gift!  Every year, I have people purchase several designs and then pass them out throughout the holiday season – great idea, right?! With our biggest events of the year over with, I wanted to make … Read More

The Hip Handmade Market
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We had a ton of fun at The Hip Handmade Market last weekend!  It was a whirlwind of business (as most out-of-town craft shows are) and didn’t get to do much else, but I had the chance of meeting so … Read More

Is it ok to be “lazy” as a handmade business owner?
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I struggle with this question all the time. When you run your own business, YOU are what makes the wheels turn.  You stop working and your business stops working. If left unchecked long enough, everything slows to a hault, your … Read More

What I plan on keeping & what I plan on giving up.
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  As my business and life rearranges itself, I’ve been forced to decide what it is, exactly, that I want to hold onto and what I want to let go of…  I’ve been paying close attention to what I feel … Read More

You may notice some changes…
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I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop right now thinking about everything I have accomplished today, and for the first time in weeks, I. feel. good. Not because I’ve marked off everything on my list, but because the things I … Read More

My new planner…
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I go through notebooks like crazy.  In one year (especially if it is a particularly busy year) I’ll fill up four or five composition notebooks with to-do list scribbles, ideas, and business details.  I’ve come to call these books Brain … Read More

If you’ve tried to quit, and you can’t…
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I have a theory that good art comes from somewhere deep inside that has no other desire but to be let out.  It’s a voice telling you to create and NOTHING can satisfy that urge but the act of creating … Read More

“Stop trying to step up to the line. Take a step back and do your thing!” – Nicole from Darn Good Yarn
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If you open yourself up to inspiration, you’ll find it everywhere you look… To put it lightly, things have been a bit chaotic around here lately.  I look back over the past few weeks and realize that it hasn’t been my schedule … Read More